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DEF CON 539 is a DEF CON Group that was formed in 2017 in order to bring like-minded individuals together to explore all aspects of computer security, hacking and technology in general. The group aims to bring individuals of all skill levels together in order to share knowledge 
and ideas as well as get people together in a hobby and field that otherwise is very isolating and lends itself to long hours of being alone 
in a dark room.

Don't be alone. Come hang out with us.

] ~$ cat /home/dc539/code_of_conduct.txt

DC539 has some simple guiding principles that we ask members to follow:

1. The Wheaton Law applies. Look it up if you don't get the reference.
2. Don't ridicule people for being new, or not knowing everything. Everybody is good at something, and everybody starts somewhere. If 
someone is genuinely trying to learn, have patience. If you aren't interested in being a teacher, be polite about it.
3. Don't do illegal stuff under the guise of DC539 and don't expect any protection from the law as a member.
4. Be kind to our hosts. It is very difficult to find somewhere to host a bunch of hackers, especially for cheap or free. Destroying our 
host's property or breaking into their systems is a sure fire way to get kicked out of the group, and get us kicked out of our space.
5. You can't put a bag of holding inside of a bag of holding and don't feed the Gremlins after midnight.