] ~$ cat /home/dc539/faq.txt

1. What is DC539?
DC539 is a DEF CON Group, intended to be a gathering point for folks interested in the alternate applications of modern technology, referred to properly as 'hacking'. We aren't limited to just computer hacking or security. We welcome all makers, thinkers, do-ers, and tinkerers. Biological, mechanical, electrical or anything else.

2. Where is 539?
539 is an overlay area code for 918, primarily covering northeast Oklahoma. 

3. Where is Oklahoma?

4. Then why isn't it 918?
Apparently, way back in the times of Oregon Trail, somebody formed DC918 and either died of dysentery or moved to another state.  We're betting on the latter.  918 is old and doesn't answer its phone. 539 is new, vibrant, and confusing as hell.  We try to be all of those things as well.

5. What do you do?
We build stuff. We break stuff. We drink stuff. We talk about stuff.

6. Who's in charge?
All of us. But thinc is the official DEF CON Group Point of Contact and can be reached at dc539 at gmail dot com.